Vocal Music CPT

June 11, 12, & 13 - CPTs


10% - Ensemble: Attendance & participation

  • You come!
  • You come on time and stay for the full practice.
  • You come in, quickly prepare your music and posture to start.
  • You bring your music.
  • You bring a pencil.
  • You know your part because you’ve practiced it on your own time.
  • You talk/sing when asked to, and do not talk/sing when you are asked not to play.
  • You review your music and/or listen to neighbouring parts when it’s not your turn to play.
  • You arenquiet during instruction or when other parts are being rehearsed?
  • You are focused and not distracting others when being instructed.


10% - Recital

  • In a group of six you will each play 2 pieces:
  • Each student performs 1 solo piece of their choice (with teacher approval)
  • Each student performs 1 ensemble piece (duet, trio, or quartet).
  • Each group creates a program of their recital with:
    • Order of pieces
    • Name of performer playing the piece
    • Name of composer

*** RULES:

1. NOT all pop music.

2. NOT all Disney

3. Variety - style, era, language.


*** Reminder: For those students who were not part of Ensemble for reasons previously discussed with me, you are to perform TWO solo pieces. The first solo piece will be worth 5% and the second will be worth 10%.


*** Please give me your recital program and a copy of all the music you will be performing IN THE ORDER OF THE PROGRAM before the CPT performance.



June 11 - Group 1 Gianna, Giulia, Tristan, Kadin, Amanda, Vanessa, Senna

June 12 - Group 2 Joseph, Kayla, Chiara, Carina, Isabel, Lynn,

June 13 - Group 3 Mikela, Gaby, Adriene, Luca, Nicole, Sapna,