Totem Animal Assignment



1. Find out what the totem animals are of your family members from other people in class. Borrow their totem animal example that Todd Handed out.

Finish: Wed. Oct. 25


2. Explore different possibilities of “family portraits” in Todd Jamieson’s style: mother figure either encompassing or larger than the other figures. Begin to try out different compositions.

Finish: Wed. Oct. 25


3. Once you’ve found a composition you like, map out the colour.

 Finish: Thurs. Oct. 26


4. On the final good copy, we will be using pastels and exploring value through new tools.

Finish: Tues. Oct. 31


5. You will give your work a title and a written submission explaining the significance of the composition, elements, colours, and title. You must really THINK and REFLECT on what you want to “say” and why you want to say it.

Finish: Tues. Oct. 31



Ms. Di Gasbarro

Gr. 9 Visual Art