June 11, 12, 13 & 14 - CPTs (5 people per day)


Friday, June 8 -- History test.


Thursday, May 17 -- MAY MELODIES


Tuesday, May 15 -- Canada's Wonderland Music Festival


Wednesday, May 2 and Thursday, May 3 -- Playing test.


Thursday, April 19 -- Ensemble playing test.


Wednesday, April 18 -- Playing Test

Standard of Excellence Boodk (Red)

#127 Variations on a Theme by Mozart &

#131 Theme from "Symphony No.9" by Beethoven

You'll be marked on:

Correct pitches

Correct rhythms

Keeping the tempo steady

Dynamics (piano, forte, crescendo, decrescendo, etc.)

Slurs and/or ties

Breath marks


(Tuesday, April 17 -- Father Antonello visit)


Monday, April 16 Test postponed to Wed. April 18 due to Snow Day.


Thursday, April 12 & Friday, April 13 -- Music Trip to Cleveland (Ms. Di away) Work on your SOLOS! Bring your Mp3s, your listening devices, instruments if you are accompanying yourself, etc. Be ready to learn your music!)


Wednesday, April 11 -- Theory test.


Thursday March 29 -- Playing test.

Alien Crossfire:
Flutes mm17-28 and 36-end

Clar: mm15-28 and 36 - end

Bass Clar: mm pick-up to 25-end

Alto: mm5-12 and pick-up to 25-31

Tenor: mm pick-up to 25-31 and 37-end

Trump: mm5-17 and pick-upto 29-32

Tromb & Euph: pick-up to 25-36


Perc 1:mm25-28 and mm 33-end

Perc 2: beginning to m 16 and Xylophone mm17-28.



Friday, March 23 -- Theory test (note names, staff, clefs, fermata, return, bars)


Thursday, March 8 -- Assembly of instrument test.

Assignment on care of instrument due Thursday, March 8.