Short Guitar History - Question Page due Tues. Feb. 28


Watch the following short history of the guitar at (also posted in your musdig Guitar folder) and answer the following questions.

To be submitted on Tuesday, February 28th in class.

5% deduction for submission 1 day late.

10% deduction for submission 2 days late.

Mark of 0% on third day.


The Guitar’s history dates back over _____________ years.

Guitar Roots are in the:

Greek _____________

Iranian Tar and the

Arabic _____________


Ancient Sanskrit word is _____________.

When paired with prefix describing the number of strings:

The _____________  is from Turkistan and it has _____________  strings.

The Setar is from _____________  with _____________  strings.

The Qithara from Greece has _____________  strings.

The Afghan _____________ has _____________ strings.

(The Azerbaijani tar has 11 strings!)


What is a “bow-harp”? Where is it from?






What is a “tanbur” and where is it from? When does this guitar date back to?






The modern guitar has its roots in _____________  during the _____________.


This guitar had four courses (or pairs) of strings with each pair tuned to _____________. The body was narrower than the modern guitar. Guitars with five or six _____________ followed until the late ___________.   The first guitar with _____________  single strings made its appearance in the late _____________.


Antonio _____________  created the classical guitar during the ___________.

He pioneered a _____________ bracing under the _____________.

This allowed Torres to increase the body _____________  of the guitar, decrease the _____________ of the wood, which changed _____________, _____________, and _____________.  This elevated the status of the guitar to a leading role in _____________  composition.


While Torres made the classical guitar in Spain, Christian _____________  was pioneering the_____________ pattern making the _____________  guitar.

This guitar used steel _____________  instead of the classical gut strings (today nylon). If you put steel strings on a classical fan-braced guitar it will pull the instrument apart because of the increased _____________. The steel guitar becomes a common guitar in the _____________  as _________ and _____________ music became more widespread.