Sargy Mann Reflection #1

Sargy Mann Reflection #1 - Assigned

Due on Friday, Novemeber 17

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Communication Mark

At 4:11 in the short documentary on blind artist, Sargy Mann, he makes the following statement: "If your subject [topic of art work/product of art work] is your own experience, then as long as you're having an experience, you got a subject."


In long form reflection, answer the following questions:

1. What do you think this quote means? (Minimum 100 words.)

2. How do you think this quote is significant to an artist like Sargy Mann? (Minimum 200 words.)

3. How is this statment significant for you, as a young artist? (Minimum 200 words.)



Your reflection will be graded on the following:

a) Clarity

b) Insightful

c) Usage of information from Sargy Mann documentary (and even Malena Vacarcel) to support opinion.

d) Use of proper grammar and correct spelling.