Points from the TSO rehearsal

Points from the TSO rehearsal by Gr.10 Band students:


  • Each musician was dressed casual but appropriately (professional, clean, neat)
  • All instruments and personal belongings were out of the way leaving the floor and orchestral area clean and neat.
  • The performers had consistently good posture and playing position technique.
  • Musicians were never distracted while playing and always on task.
  • There were no phones anywhere during rehearsal.
  • All musicians came to the rehearsal with all their music learned prior to the rehearsal.
  • All the musicians came in right on time and in rhythm.
  • There was attentive listening by all -- never any delays in the rehearsal.
  • There was no talking by anyone in the orchestra - ever!
  • When the conductor stopped conducting, everyone stopped playing and listened to the next instruction.
  • When the conductor gave instruction, everyone was listening and no one needed the instruction repeated.
  • Every suggestion or detail the conductor made was penciled into the score by the musicians.
  • Only the first chair of every section spoke to the conductor and relayed the changes to the section with brief instruction and example.
  • Every detail of the piece was rehearsed by the musicians prior to the rehearsal including changes in instrument (when the clarinet changed removed his mouthpiece putting it on another clarinet), adding mutes, or any fast changes.