Paper Collage Portrait


We will now be putting our skills together to create a fun and interesting project: Paper Collage Portrait. Using torn paper from newspapers, magazines, flyers, wall-paper, gift wrapping, or even lined paper, we will use these strips of paper to create our colours and textures for a portrait. There are some excellent examples of paper collage art online. I encourage you to look up the following links:


STEP 1- (Application)

In your sketchbook, make a mini version of your Paper Collage Portrait using pencil crayon for the colours you will use in your final project. You can map out where you'd like to use text or texture.

Complete by: June 5, 2017


STEP 2- (Application)

Find your colour palette in magazines, newspaper, flyers, wall paper, gift wrapping, or lined paper. Collect your sheets and organize them into piles for each specific colour you will use. Remember to use gradations of colour to create shading/value. You may choose to tear, cut, curl, roll, or crumple pieces of paper to create textures.


You may use text as colour or you may use it to create another (deeper) layer of meaning on your portrait. You can organize your paper in ziplock bags or any folder where you won’t lose your pieces.

Complete by: June 6, 2017




STEP 3- (Application)

Sketch your portrait on the board provided and map out the colours and shading you plan to use.

 Due: June 6, 2017


STEP 4 - 3D Element (Application)

In your work, you will include one or more 3D elements. It can be flowers, or hair, or a part of the body, clothing, part of the landscape, text - let your imagination run wild! Make sure your 3D portion is secure and not so large that it falls off, bends/wilts, difficult to hang, or breaks off. For ideas and instpiration you can consult with the following links: 

Due: June 9, 2017



STEP 5 – Elements and Principles of Design (Knowledge) - Written portion.

Your paper art collage must include all the Elements and at least 5 Principles of Design (in bold). Once your artwork is completed, you will submit a written analysis on your artwork based on the Elements and Princples of Design in your final piece. In this final written portion, you will write out how you have applied all seven elements and a minimum of the 5 principles of design.  Explain ‘what you applied, 'where you applied it', and 'how you chose to apply it' in the following manner:

7 Elements:

Line, shape, space, value, form, texture, and color.

8 Principles:

Unity, variety, emphasis, rhythm & movement, balance, pattern, and proportion.



Design:  Element

What: ____Texture_______

Where applied: _In the portrait subject’s hair_______________

How: __I curled the paper with a wire to make 3D ringlets.

(Continue the other Elements and Principles applied)

Due: June 12, 2017