Jazz Workshop Gr.12

Jazz Workshop & Masterclass

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ms. Di Gasbarro

DUE Tuesday, March 1st before 11:59 for full marks.

To be emailed to josephine.digasbarro@ycdsb.ca

- 5% for submission on Tues. Mar. 2

-10% for submission on Wed. Mar. 3


You will be participating as audience member or performer the Baroque Ensemble Masterclass. Write down 20 points you learned from the masterclass. Avoid general statements about singing and/or technique that we commonly cover in school. Use your twenty points for new information and new observations.


Make-up assignment:

For the few people that cannot be at school on Friday, go to the following link and write out 20 points you learned from Luciano Pavarotti’s master class at the Julliard School in NYC. Ensure the minute/second of the video is included for each point you make.