Introduction to Parents and Students

Dear Parents and Students,


Another semester has begun at St. Jean de Brebeuf and we are delighted that your child has chosen music. My name is Ms. Di Gasbarro and I am honoured to be SJB's music teacher. Please review the following important information regarding your music course.


MUSIC ENHANCMENT FEE for INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: There is an instrument enhancement fee of $65.00 when a student is enrolled in music. Other costs may include the purchase of a mouthpiece in their first year only. This is encouraged in the interest of health. Once a mouthpiece is purchased, it can be used for their entire time as a music student. The fee goes towards the rental of instruments, sheet music and music consumables. If you wish to provide your own instrument then you are not required to pay the $65 and the fee is reduced to $ 20.00 for basic needs such as repairs, reeds and music.


MUSIC ENHANCMENT FEE for VOCAL MUSIC: There is currently no official a enhancement fee for vocal music but there may be some expenses regarding online materials, festivals, and excursions.


RESPECT FOR INSTRUMENTS AND OF MUSIC ROOM: The music room is filled with numerous musical instruments that are extremely expensive. Access to these instruments is a privilege, not a right, and must be treated as such. They can be very easy to damage so each student must be very aware around the instruments and ensure they are cared for as though they were your own. The enhancement fee only covers a minimal amount of wear and tear and cannot cover the costs of misuse. The music room also needs to be treated with appreciation and respect. Instruments need to be put away in their correct places, garbage off of floors, materials put way are thrown out.


RESPECT for TEACHER and PEERS: • Respect in the classroom is expected and required → Respect for teacher and respect for fellow peers. • In class, one person speaks at a time. • If the teacher is teaching – no one is speaking. If student has a question, they are to raise a hand and speak when they are called on. • When teacher calls for your attention, you must stop playing your instrument and re-direct your attention. • When teacher is teaching a unit and someone in the class does not understand, you do not teach it to them WHILE classroom teacher is teaching. Student may ask for extra clarification from teacher. If student would like to help fellow student, they may do so after teacher’s lesson. • Our classroom is a Catholic classroom rooted in love for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who have given us this immeasurable gift of music. Regardless of denomination or participation, there is to be respect language and respect for prayer, and respect for those who are in prayer. • The music classroom is a safe place! The expectation is that every student respect and support one another in the music making process which can be very indimidating and scary. Music shows us how to be deeply compassionate and loving so that everyone feels safe to be themselves, take risks, mess up, or be the greatest they can be! This classroom stands for honesty, kindness, and love -- so bring your most beautiful self!


MATERIALS: Students must come to class with materials organized inside a binder with dividers as follows: • 1st section for sheet music, hole-punched and organized with pages in order. • 2nd section for theory including music staff paper which can be printed from online. • 3rd section for history – hand outs and notes including lined paper. • Bring a pencil and eraser for theory and pen for writing every day.


CLASS WEBSITE: A website has been created for your child’s course which can be accessed at This platform may transfer to a google classroom during the school year but this will also be communicated to the students in class. The website will include assignments, videos, recordings, and due dates for easy access.


REMIND: There is a Remind has been set up for each class. To join the class remind, text the name of your class, or ensemble, to (289) 204-1172. Send the message and you will be added to the class. Vocal Music: @sjbvocal Gr.10 Instrumental: @sjbband10 SJB Choir: @sjbsingers SJB Junior Band: @sjbbandjr


TEACHER EMAIL: Students may reach me at Parents may reach me at . If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at the school. Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growth ahead!


PRACTICE: Each music student has homework every single evening, whether assigned or not. This homework is practicing. Practice is like muscle building at the gym – it cannot be done all at once and it cannot be forced. It must happen over time with small but frequent increments of properly directed energy. That is muscle and muscle memory is built in music as well. Your child is expected to take their instrument home and practice daily. Fifteen minutes is a minimum that every student can adhere to with additional time only insuring greater ability, skill, confidence, enjoyment, and success. It is an integral part of music education and is expected to be followed by every music student.


CPT: The CPT is the “Culminating Performance Task” that happens near the end of the school semester. The CPT is worth 20% of the final grade and divided between group, and individual performance tasks. Half of the CPT (10%) is group performance: Choir for singers and Band for instrumentalists. The grade will comprise attendance, punctuality, and focus while in ensemble. The other half (10%) will be allotted to a year-end recital that will include solo and small ensemble pieces performed in front of the class. Students who do not come to ensemble will receive a mark of a “0”. Students who miss ensemble practices will have marks docked for every rehearsal missed. Students who miss their CPT recital must provide a doctor’s note or receive a mark of a “0”.


ENSEMBLE: Ensembles available at SJB are Mixed Choir, Concert Band, and Junior Band. Performance opportunities may include: in class performances, school assemblies, school concerts, sacred services, music festivals, excursions, and school tours. The students are expected to partake in these events fully. Should a student not be able to attend any rehearsals, or even more urgent, a performance, they must let the teacher know well ahead of time and absence must be accompanied by a note from a doctor or parent. • Concert Band: Tuesdays Room 117, 2:30 – 3:30. Dir. Ms. Di Gasbarro. • Junior Band Wednesdays Room 117, 2:30 – 3:30. Dir. Senior Band students under Ms. Di Gasbarro. • Choir: Wednesdays Room 115, 2:30 – 3:30. Dir. Ms. Di Gasbarro


PERFORMANCES: As a member of your ensemble, it is essential that each student makes arrangements to be at every performance. Employers must be notified that you are not available on the days of performances. Transportation must be organized for performances ahead of time to ensure attendance.


REHEARSAL ASSESSMENT: Students are marked on playing tests, theory tests, listening, musicianship skills, history, and performances. Students are ALSO marked on the rehearsal techniques and performance conventions of in-class REHEARSALS. The rubric for this assessment is on the bulletin board in class. These assessments are ongoing.


CELL PHONES • CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN CLASS. CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON MUSIC STANDS. CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON YOUR PERSON DURING CLASS TIME or REHEARSALS. • There will be times when they are needed but those times will be communicated to you. Phones are to be out of sight and out of mind until the end of class. Failure to comply will result in loss of phone for the period and/or a conduct report. • Washroom visits are without phone. They must stay in your bag. If visits to the washroom are abused, this privilege will be re-evaluated and may warrant a phone call home.


CONTRACT: I understand that (print student name) __________________is responsible should any damages occur to an instrument, or should the instrument not be returned to school, I accept full responsibility for the cost of the repair or replacement to the above instrument.


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Ms. Di Gasbarro

Music Director