History Seminars

1. Oud - (Persia, Syria, Turkey, Egypt) - Ali - Friday, April 7

2. Lute, Baroque Guitar & Theorbo - (Italian Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque eras) - Josh - Friday, April 7

3. Classical Guitar - André Segovia - Alex - Wednesday, April 12

4. Flamenco Guitar - Paco de Lucia - John - Wednesday, April 12

5. Portuguese Guitar - Goncalo - Friday, April 21

6. Brazilian Samba - Jobim - Gabe - Friday, April 21

7. Blues - Robert Johnson - Noah - Friday, April 28

8. Jazz - Django Reinhardt - Jerome - Monday, May 8

9. Rock 'n Roll - Chuck Berry - Lester - Monday, May 8

10. Rock - Jimi Hendrix - Chase - Friday, May 12

11. Folk Guitar - Joni Mitchell - Hannah - Friday, May 12

12. Modern Jazz - Pat Metheny - William - Friday May 12

13. Funk - Prince - Keyo - Friday, May 19



         Think of how you learn: do you prefer someone reading from a piece of paper in a monotone in front of you or do you prefer someone speaking off book in a way that conveys they know what they are talking about and are comfortable explaining it? Do you like visuals? Would you like to *hear what the music sounds like? What would you need a presenter to do in order to get the information to stick in your head. As a learner yourself, what do you find interesting and how do you prefer to learn it?

         The truth is most of us are multi-sensory learners: we all learn from visual aids, we all learn from hearing, we all learn from touch, we all learn from examples and from clear explanation. Your presentation should teach your peers about the guitar and style in a way that is fun, interesting, and that leaves each one of us knowning more about the significance of your topic. Make sure you include:

        *Visual (photos, bristel board, power point, videos, etc.)

         *Audio (examples of the music, clear, expressive presenting voice, etc.)

         *Kinesthetic (can we clap along as an example? Can we count the beats if it a different time signature?


Remember: you will also be marked on CURIOSITY. That should be clearly conveyed in the quality of research, quantity of information, effectiveness of your explanations, variety of questions



1. Who came first in the genre

2. Where was the genre born

3. How did they contribute to the genre

4. How did they move the genre forward

5. How did they influence others who continued on the path of that genre?

6. Aesthetic: Describe that sound. Try playing another person next to them to see how their sound differs?


1. Who made the first guitar of that type?

2. Who inspirated?

3. Who came up with the genre?

4. Who changed the style of guitar?

5. Who taught them?

6. Who are they?

7. Who was the genre pioneer before them that they built their style on?

8. Who was competing with them?

9. Who did they play with?

10. Who cares?



1. What made them start playing guitar/music?

2. What kind of guitar do they play?

3. What is their life story? Childhood? Education?

4. What are they known for?

5. What guitar did they first play and it did it change through time?

6. What did they do that others didn't?

7. What inspired to become musicians?

8. What is their preferred style of guitar?

9. What did they plan on doing with their guitar playing/career/music?

10. What did they sound like?

11. What makes their music different from other types of music and/or from other musicians who play that style of music?

12. What did they look like and how did their look transform over time?

13. What were their most popular songs/pieces?

14. What does the instrument look like?

15. What is the difference between this genre and genres like it? DESCRIBE the aesthetic and what makes it what it is.



1. When were they born? Date, place

2. When did they start playing?

3. When did they become famous?

4. When did they become passionate about music/guitar?

5. When were they famous?



1. Where were they born.

2. Where did they grow up?

3. Where did they move to?

4. Where did they move to?

5. Where/when did they die?

6. Is their music the "sound" of the place they are from?

7. Where did they play?



1. How did they make history?

2. How did they gain their skill/learn?

3. How did they die?

4. How did they become known/famous?

5. How did they change music in general or their genre?

6. How were they inspired?

7. How did they develop their ideas?

8. How did they influence others and how did they influence the genre?

9. How did they develop their technique?

10. How long was their career?

11. How would you describe their sound?

12. How did they create their sound? (Technique?)

13. Who invented the music they are playing?



1. Why did they choose that type of guitar?

2. Why they chose that genre of music?

3. Why did they become a musician?

4. Why did people like them?

5. Why were they different?



Sometimes, the little anecdotes are the things that stick with us most. Some entertaining details about a feud between artistic rivals can help them stick in your mind. It helps to make these people "real" and not just "projects" and keeps