Gr.9 Visual Art Exam Review

The Elements & Principles of Design - Connect description to the Element or Principle.

Know the meanings of each. Remember:

Let’s skip Class For TV 

=  l________ s_______ c______  f_______  t_______  v_______





= u_________ p_______v______  e_______  r_______ b_________



The Colour Wheel - Fill in the diagram and answer the questions


Primary Colours  

Secondary Colours

Tertiary Colours

Complimentary Colours                                          


Analogous Colours

Chromatic Colours                                                                  


Cool Colours                                                


Warm Colours  

Absence of Colour --> Black and White                                                                                          

Clay Terminology - Short Answer:

Slip, scoring, kiln, additive sculpture, subtractive sculpture.


History - Multiple Choice


- Greek sculpture: Arachaic, Classical, Hellenistic...descriptions, functions, and names of sculptures.

- Roman sculpture - description and function and know how to compare and contrast it to Greek sculpture.

- Nike of Samothrace, the Dying Gaul, the Disc Thrower, the Defeated Boxer (know the sculptures, their title, if they are from the Archaic/Classical/Hellenistic period, and know the characteristics of each period so you can explain WHY that statue is either Archaic, Classical or Hellenestic).

- Acropolis in Athens, Greece

- Parthenon in Athens, Greece

- Colonnade (Columns)

- The 3 Decorative Periods: Doric, Ionian, Corinthian -- what they look like and how they are different

- Clay Pot Vases: Geometric style and Realism/Figurative style

- Post and Lintel

- Greek toga is called a "stola"

- Labelling a Greek temple



- Pantheon

- Aqueducts


- Pompeiian oil lamps, murals

 - Architecture: 

            1) Vaults: Loin, barrel

            2) Keystone

            3) Parthenon in Rome, Italy

            4) Coliseum in Rome, Italy