Gr.9 Music Exam Study Guide


  • Note naming
  • Notation (note stems, bar lines, double bar lines, time signature, key signature, terms like 'forte' and 'piano', beats per bar, etc.)
  • Creating a major scale with a given first note (TTS-TTTS).
  • Creating and identifying key signatures of the major scales.


  • Dates of his life
  • Where was he from
  • What was he famous for?
  • What is the Guidonian hand?


  • Dates of Medieval Era
  • Who was Pope Gregory the 1st?
  • What was he famour sor?
  • What was he famous for?
  • What is Gregorian Chant?
  • What is Plain chant and Plain song?
  • What is monody?
  • Why did they favour voices to instruments?


  • Dates of Medieval Era
  • Know about folk music
  • Know about Troubadours
  • Know about the instruments


  • What does the French word Renaissance mean? (“Rinascimento” in Italian)
  • What is polyphony?
  • What is homophony?
  • How are monody, homophony and polyphony different from one another?


  • Who was Claudio Monteverdi?
  • How was he significant for Opera? (What did he do to change it?)
  • What is the opera Orfeo?
  • Why is Orfeo significant?
  • What is a Castrato?
    • How did a male singer become a castrato?
    • What happens to the voice after castration?


  • What does the French word Baroque mean? (“Barocco” in Italian)
  • Who was Johan Sebastian Bach and why is he considered the most important composer of the Baroque era?
  • The Baroque era is characterized by its frills, trills, ornaments, improvisation and virtuosity. What do these terms mean?
    • Ornamentation?
    • Improvisation?
    • Virtuosity?
  • Dynamics were first used in the Baroque era. Why?
  • Know about Baroque tuning (A= 440 hz vs. A=415 hz in the Baroque era...what does that mean?
  • What is a fugue? How would you explain it and explain counterpoint?
  • Know the Renaissance and Baroque musical instruments.
  • What is a Concerto Grosso? Can you describe it clearly?
  • What is Oratorio? Can you describe it clearly?
  • What is the difference between Oratorio and Opera?
  • What is the difference between Oratirio and Opera vs. Concerto Grosso?
  •  What do you know about George Frideric Handel and Oratorio?
  • What is the patronage system?
    • Who were the two biggest patron groups of the Baroque era?


  • What is a Herz?
  • What does A=440 herz mean?
  • Review sound waves, herz, and interference that is outlined on the handout on the physics of sound covered in class.

Some reminders of composers and pieces of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque era for your further understanding and education.