Expressive Hands - Step by Step with Due dates

Sketchbook - Due Monday, October 16

Final Copy - Due Friday, October 20


DYNAMIC HANDS – Ms. Di Gasbarro’s Gr.9 Visual Art class


Step 1: Sketchbook – Contour drawing

Work on a number (more than 5) sketches of different hand positions. Create different ones until you are truly satisfied with 3 different ones. You will be cutting these three out eventually so make sure there is nothing important on the back side.


Step 2: Sketchbook – Cut out hands

Once you have three different hand positions you are happy with and there is nothing on the back, you will cut the three hand shapes out and save them for the final copy.


Step 3: Sketchbook – Background

You will plan out how to create the background for your hands in the sketchbook.

  • Divide your page in four by drawing an X through the page.
  • Plan out each section separately by experimenting with ideas through the elements and principles of design.
  • Each section must be different and in TOTAL include the following elements and principles of design:
    • Line
    • Shape
    • Colour
    • Value
    • Form (Include cubes, spheres, cylinders, cones)
    • Pattern
    • Movement
    • Contrast
    • Variety
    • Unity
    • Balance
    • Emphasis à Make something on ONE of the hands the focal point of your work using an element of principle and design which may be colour or texture.


Step 4: Final Copy

Once your background has been well planned out and approved by Ms. Di Gasbarro, you will be given a large white piece of paper where you will make your final copy following your plan. Work FIRST on the background.


Step 5: Hands on the Final Copy

Once the background on your final copy is complete, you will THEN glue your three hands onto the good copy in a dynamic and interesting way.


REFLECT on and THINK about what you would like your final artwork to look like BEFORE you complete it. Your ideas may change as your project takes shape but never stop using your critical thinking to develop your creative ideas.