Egyptian gods/goddesses Clay Masks

Egyptian gods/goddesses Clay Masks


You will design and create your own original Egyptian god or Pharaoh inspired clay mask.
1. Begin with at least One full Page hand written or typed (Times New Roman 12 pt. single space) research paper of an ancient Egyptian god or Pharaoh 5 marks

Due Monday, November 13

Ex. What is mythology?

What is Egyptian mythology?

Who were the Egyptian gods/goddesses?

What kind of importance did it have in Egyptians' lives?

When did the Egyptians believe in these gods/goddesses and when did they stop believing them?

Name one or two of the gods/goddesses and explain their physical and personality traits.

2. Then draw a minimum of 4 fully shaded idea sketches of your own mask based on the characteristics of this ancient god/goddess 5 marks

Due Wednesday, November 15

3. Next you will create a full page fully shaded preliminary sketch of your planned sculpture 10 marks

Due Friday, November 17

4. Finally you will work in class to create your own 3 dimensional clay mask to be fired and painted 50 marks

Due Thursday, November 23

Instruction sheet and rubric will follow.
For examples, google "Egyptian gods masks"