CPT - Outline




May 29, 2017


Need: summer pajamas


Group 1 – Research where to get things for fundraiser - Mattia, Noor, Carson, Yuna, Richard


Group 2 - How do will we do this fundraiser? (Paryse, Tyler, Jaime, Claudio, Ricky, Noor,)


Group 3 – How are we going to market it? (Joy, Mackenzie, Michael, Jacob, Diego, )

Announcements, flyers, word of mouth


Group 4 – How are we going to keep track of money, float, budget? (Ariella, Nathan, Brandon, Réka)


Group 5 – Research the pj’s – where to get them? Prices (Katherine, Rebecca, Aisha, , Mattia,)


Group 6 Announcement: Hannah & Nathan, Matthew & Jordyn, Matthew & Paolina



Group 1 – Foster Kids’ Needs (Jordyn, Mattia, Noor, Eddie)

  • Bag, Stuffy, Notebook
  • What is their reality
  • Average age?
  • Can we find out how many foster kids are in this area by age and identified gender?
  • Emotional, physical, social...
  • Do we need to target only one age group so we can narrow down our kind of bag or not?
  • What are the needs per age group?

Group 2 – How do you start a fundraiser? (Paryse, Tyler, Jaime, Claudio, Matthew)

  • What are the components?
  • Who does what?
  • Setting a goal – Let’s say June 5th
  • How do we manage 1 month of time?
  • Create a backward design plan.
  • Who has to be the accountant/budget keeper?


Group 3 – What is Marketing and Advertising? (Joy, Mackenzie, Michael, Jacob, Carson)

  • Who do we target for funds?
  • How do we target each different demographic?
  • What social media tools can be used and how do you create a campaign on those platforms?
  • Are there costs associated with marketing and can we do our marketing with low cost or all donations?
    • Develop a marketing strategy. How is that done?


Group 4 – How are collections and distributions made in a charity? (Ariella, Nathan, Brandon, Yuna, Réka)

  • What methods of collection? All cash? Checks?
  • Do you issue receipts for tax purposes?
  • Who deposits the money and where? Who is the contact at Sacred Heart to do this?
  • Accountability: What is the percentage of money that goes to the donation? Is it 100% or not? (Donations minus cost of fundraising campaign – that is why donated materials are important.)


Group 5 – How are kids selected to receive a bag? (Katherine, Paolina, Aisha, Richard)

  • Is it anonymous or not?
  • How do we develop a criterion?
  • Who do we contact to know that our bags are going to the right people in need?
  • Who do we need to target
  • How many bags do we want to buy? What is our “success” goal?


Group 6 – The Bags (Diego, Rebecca, Ricky, Hannah)

  • Where to buy the bags?
  • What kind?
  • How much?
  • Quality matters – they need to be durable.
  • Bags or hard case luggage?
  • What companies will work with us to donate or support with lower costs?
  • Look at Groupon or Wagjag, Alibaba and other online discount companies.