Assemble Instrument TEST - Thurs. March. 8

You will be tested on putting your instrument together. Please review this page on the website I've provided for you: and any other resources you discovered on your research paper. You will be graded on:


1. How you place the case on the floor.

2. How you open the case.

3. How you take the instrument out of the case.

4. How you put it together: Are you doing it in order?

5. Is the instrument aligned properly?

6. Are you seated with your instrument properly?

7. Are you holding the instrument properly?

8. Are your fingers on the correct keys or valves and valve rings?

9. For read instruments: Do you put your mouthpiece together properly? Is your reed put on properly? Is your ligature put on properly?

10. How do you put your instrument down if you are not playing? (Reed instruments: Do you put your mouthpiece guard on?)

11. Where do you put your instrument case when your instrument is out and in use, during class?

12. How do you take your instrument and put it back in it's case?

13. How do you rinse or wash your instrument mouthpiece when you are done playing?

14. How do you place the case when putting your instrument away?

15. How do you close your case?


There will be one point per question.

TEST on Monday, March 5.