Aboriginal Art Reflection

AMV2O1 – Aboriginal Art Reflection                      

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Due April 25


It was a privilege and pleasure to have a current First Nations artist visit our class and talk to us about Aboriginal art, culture, values, spirituality, and stories. Todd Jamison’s workshop may have enriched your understanding of Native Canadian culture and art. Through this unit, we also learned about the art of Norval Morrisseau, Carl Ray, Glen Rabena, Kenojuak Ashevak, Ashevak Inuit Art, Isaac Bignell, Eddy Cobiness, Daphne Odjig, Susan Point, and Clemence Wescoupe.


Using your new knowledge (and previous knowledge if you already followed Aboriginal artists) reflect and answer the following questions in short paragraph form:

  1. What did you know about Aboriginal art before this workshop?
  2. What did you learn about Aboriginal culture through Todd Jamison?
  3. What did you learn that was surprising to you about Aboriginal culture or art from Todd Jamison?
  4. What was your impression of Jamison’s artwork? Pick 3 adjectives to describe his work and explain why you used those words to describe it.
  5. What did the exercise of researching different Aboriginal artists’ teach you about Aboriginal art that you didn’t know before? Can you think of three points and explain them?
  6. Of all the artists you chose to discuss in your paper, which style did you choose to emulate in your own artwork, and why?
  7. In one or two paragraphs, reflect on the significance of the following elements in your artwork:
  8. a) The animals you chose (Who does each animal represent?)
  9. b) The colours you chose (If an animal represents someone, why did you pick those colours for each “person”?)
  10. c) The composition of elements you chose (How are they placed and why?)
  11. d) The shapes and forms (Are the shapes bold, angular, or soft? Why?)
  12. e) Emphasis, if there is any.
  13. f) Pattern, if any.
  14. g) Balance (Is your subject in the middle of the page? Off to the side? Bottom, top?)

8. How do you feel about your final product? Does it say anything about you, as Todd Jamison’s art said something about him?