A BAG OF ME - due Friday, Feb. 9


We can use so many adjectives and memories to describe who we are but if we are limited to five, what would they be? In this assignment, you are going to "introduce" yourself via five different objects that describe who you are. Pick things that express your personality and/or interests like: hobbies, family, pets, culture, favourite music, ambitions, memories, etc. Each student will be given an opportunity to present their "Bag of Me." Nothing needs to be writte...just speak from the heart.



1. A bag.

2. 5 objects

3. An explanation for each object: why you chose it, what it means to you, and what it says about you.


Some rules: Persentation Dates

- Only bring items that fit inside the bag

- Do not bring valuables that could be lost or stolen

- Bring no more than 5 items

- At least ONE must be music related


Presentation Dates.

Friday, February 9th.