Gr.9 Music Study Guide

Guido D’Arezzo

  • Dates of his life
  • Where was he from
  • What was he famous for?
  • What is the Guidonian hand?


Sacred Medieval Era

  • Dates of Medieval Era
  • Who was Pope Gregory the 1st?
  • What was he famour sor?
  • What was he famous for?
  • What is Gregorian Chant?
  • What is Plain chant and Plain song?
  • What is monody?
  • Why did they favour voices to instruments?


Secular Medieval Era

  • Dates of Medieval Era
  • Know about folk music
  • Know about Troubadours
  • Know about the instruments


Renaissance Era

  • What does the French word Renaissance mean? (“Rinascimento” in Italian)
  • What is polyphony?
  • What is homophony?
  • How are monody, homophony and polyphony different from one another?



  • Who was Claudio Monteverdi?
  • How was he significant for Opera? (What did he do to change it?)
  • What is the opera Orfeo?
  • Why is Orfeo significant?
  • What is a Castrato?
    • How did a male singer become a castrato?
    • What happens to the voice after castration?


Baroque Era

  • What does the French word Baroque mean? (“Barocco” in Italian)
  • Who was Johan Sebastian Bach and why is he considered the most important composer of the Baroque era?
  • The Baroque era is characterized by its frills, trills, ornaments, improvisation and virtuosity. What do these terms mean?
    • Ornamentation?
    • Improvisation?
    • Virtuosity?
  • Dynamics were first used in the Baroque era. Why?
  • Know about Baroque tuning (A= 440 hz vs. A=415 hz in the Baroque era...what does that mean?