A note about preparation for January CPT Recitals


The CPT breakdown and expectations was shared on this website in November, 2017. We have had more than 6 full days of in class practice time to work on all the repertoire PLUS at least 2 days of class time to research pieces for yourself and your ensemble. I have let you all know multiple times that it was in your best interest to bring your instruments home over the Christmas break to practice your pieces. Some of you have, and it is evident you are confident with your pieces. However, far too many of you have paid little attention to any of this information which has ALL been available to you online for months and discussed repeatedly in class for months! Choosing music the day before a CPT is unwise. Finding out what scales you need to know the day before a CPT is not a recipe for success. Not using your class time to practice with your ensemble is giving up a golden opportunity. Simply put, this is not acceptable.


My expectation for this CPT is based on the amount of time and support you've been given to complete this level-appropriate task at an optimal level. I wish you all the best of luck this week for your upcoming recitals.

Ms. Di

Monday, January 8th, 2018.